With TIÑO, the process of producing a piece is handled with great respect to tradition. This means enthusiasm, creativity, craftsmanship and the ability to deduce individual requirements.

First, the master tailor personally take the body measurement so as to see to the actual model and allow best understanding of the individual’s body type as well as its peculiarities.  During the measurement taking, the cloth and the trimmings are chosen and the style of the garment is confirmed.

The next part of the process is what is considered The Art. The master tailor, based on the measurement taken and keen observation of the individual model, will then interpret and transfer every notation to a paper which will be cut and become the master pattern. This master pattern will be plot carefully onto the fabric before cutting.


The master cutter then assigns the work to a specialist tailor. He will constantly supervise its construction and address to its different elements such as handwork, lining, buttonholes, and ironing.

We usually require a minimum of 3 visits for the fitting. It will take a minimum of three weeks to produce a piece, depending on the customer’s availability and on the time of the year. For regular customers, we often require one fitting but the lead time for production will be similar since most of its construction is done by hand.